Level up your influence

All you see out there is people who have already "made it" and you have no idea how to tackle the early steps. These courses and tools will help you get started.

Find Joy in Chaos

Book on building your Twitter presence so connections & opportunities find you

Build in Public Mastery

Cohort course to help you master growing a following with your work & stories

Easy Content Magic

A short course to come up with endless content to share by showing your work

45-Minute Twitter Profile Revamp

An one-off service to help you craft an impressive profile people want to follow

Use Twitter Meaningfully Next 30 Days

An action pack of 50 Building in Public & audience building tactics

1:1 Consulting & Coaching

Get help moving your needle right now

Find Joy in Chaos, a Twitter book

You shouldn't imitate others

A short & actionable Twitter book to help you build an influential presence joyfully

Most people get off on the wrong foot when they start using Twitter. I'm giving you a 6-step approach to compound your influence over time.
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Build in Public Mastery Cohort-based Course

Become a public-minded entrepreneur

A 3-week cohort based course for you to start building in public

This is a blended learning experience with live workshops and self-paced course work to get you moving with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs.
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Use Twitter Meaningfully Next 30 Days Action Pack

Use Twitter Meaningfully Next 30 Days

An action pack to guide you to write authentic tweets & build in public

Forget all the marketing hacks people tell you about. The best marketing is to use authenticity and transparency to build up your credibility and people's trust in you.

By showing your true self, people resonate easily and gather around you. They become your audience.
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Making Twitter Friends Email Course

All about meaningful interactions

A free 7-day email course to grow your Twitter relationships

Followers don't help you grow, your Twitter friends do. This course helps you understand human interactions and psychology and set you up for success on Twitter.
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Kevon Portrait

“Yes, I want to grow a successful business. But I want to do it in an open way.”

Hi! I am Kevon.
This is my full story behind creating Public Lab

A group of believers

Entrepreneurs building online businesses as their true selves

While we live in a world that is over polished and advertised, there is still a group of people who value authenticity and transparency more than anything.