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"No one walks the walk of building in public quite like Kevon. Not only is he a shining example, but he has a warm, supportive vibe. Check it out – you'll see what I mean."

Jay Clouse
Jay Clouse

Creator Science

"I read a lot of newsletters and without a doubt, I always look forward to Kevon's. He also teaches with his heart in his Build in Public Mastery course and is one of the most genuine & authentic people I've met."

Kim Doyal
Kim Doyal


"Public Lab is a must-read if you are a creator looking to build an engaged audience via real and authentic content. Kevon keeps things actionable and to the point, which is how all newsletters should be."

Alex Llull
Alex Llull

The Steal Club

"I admire Kevon’s genuine and fun approach to building in public. I respect his advice and enjoy reading his newsletter for tips on how to build and scale as a creator and solopreneur."

Alexandra Allen
Alexandra Allen

Online Course Expert

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