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Builders building in public on Twitter

🔥 Challenge yourself with #30DaysInPublic

Join a monthly cohort to build in public together

#30DaysInPublic April 2021 Cohort

🎯 Put Yourself Out There

Don’t fear talking about your work in public. You're better than you think you are, and you have values to offer.

🙌 Build Your Own Brand

This is your first step in creating an authentic personal voice, differentiating you from the crowd.

🎤 Refine Your Storytelling

Grow your business and product by sharing your genuine and transparent behind-the-scenes stories

Public Lab Small Cohorts
Public Lab Small Cohorts

🙏 Do it with a cohort of like-minded builders

 Small groups are where the magic happens.

Each month we roll out a new cohort with all the challengers. You will have your own 4-person team to deepen relationships, hold one another accountable, and enhance the peer-learning experience.

Public Lab Small Cohorts
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📝 What the 30 days challenge includes

🎈 You will have access to a builder community that values authenticity and transparency

  • Be part of a cohort and a 4-person team of like-minded starters
  • Attend 5 weekly themed group sessions with icebreaking, hands-on exercises, and sharing
  • Access to the Public Lab community

🍀 You will grow a Twitter audience via your voice

  • Complete 15 Twitter challenges to share your stories building a company or product. This includes showing vulnerability, taking feedback publicly, explaining your thought process, etc.
  • Get 15 emails and 15 videos to guide you through reducing your inner fear, improving your storytelling techniques, and growing your audience leveraging human psychology.

🔥 You will conquer your inner fear

  • Get over impostor syndrome and the fear of being judged
  • Gain confidence showing off how you build and handling public comments
  • Stop letting others define you. You define yourself.

Not ready yet? You can get a preview of the challenge to get started by yourself.

🙍 Are you like Tom?

Tom is working hard on his product, but he needs more traction and users. He has heard amazing things about others growing an audience on Twitter and wants to give it a try.

He finds many builders who are sharing good content, growing followers, and getting lots of buzz for the products they're building.

He is a little jealous. "How do they do it?"

Frustrated builders getting no traction
Building in Public is a way to develop your authentic voice and grow an engaging audience

🤩 Introducing Building in Public

While you're building your company or product, you're going through countless decision-making, struggles, and learnings. All of these are valuable content for others to learn from you.

When you're Building in Public, your transparency in sharing the behind-the-scenes work becomes a magnet. You attract followers because they want to learn and support you along your journey.

With an audience around you, this becomes a key part of your product development strategy, marketing strategy, and community strategy. You're using transparency to loop in your followers while you're building step by step.

This is, undeniably, powerful.

Tweets get you engagement. Tweet threads get you followers.

This is why we write tweet threads at #30DaysInPublic.

👀 See real build in public actions

🎉 Weekly group workshops

4 live sessions designed to push you forward.
Every Wed. 7AM (PST), 10AM (EST), 2PM (CET), 10PM (HKT)

Topics covered in interactive small group setting:
🌱 Community icebreaking & game plan creation
🌱 Vulnerability practice
🌱 Good vs bad tweet thread
🌱 Audience building techniques

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#30DaysInPublic May 2021 Cohort

👋 Why I'm building this

I made a lot of mistakes when I ran my last startup. 😥

When I made up my mind to go from being a venture-backed startup founder to an indie builder, I started sharing these publicly: failures, lessons learned, and how I was building new products.

Then my Twitter followers, newsletter subscribers, and website visitors all began to increase! 😱 That's when I first ...

Realized the power and potential of Building in Public!

It is refreshing to know that I don't have to only create perfect marketing stories to get people to listen to me.

I love being myself and sharing what I'm experiencing.

As a builder, this new approach of telling my stories to grow an engaging audience is 100x better than doing sales outreach and buying ads!

But I was only able to get over my fear and develop this voice after doing it over and over again. I've heard so many people telling me their fear to talk about themselves in public. It is difficult for them to show vulnerability and they're also intimidated by the fact that people might judge them.

That's when I thought - what if there is a program that puts people together and help them be confident about having their own voice on the Internet? That's where the idea 💡 of Public Lab came from.

The goal here is simple. This is where ...

Builders come together to find their authentic and transparent voice and build an engaging audience.

Kevon Cheung

From Kevon Cheung to You

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🥊 How to start

Self Starter


Catch a preview of the  challenge and do it yourself.

  • Self-participate 3 challenges with email guidance
  • Get a taste of developing your own voice
  • Find out whether the 30 days challenge is a good fit
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Join a group of dedicated builders to build in public together in 30 days.

  • Kept as a small cohort
  • 15 challenges in 30 days with detailed breakdown of real-life examples
  • 15 videos to help you improve your mindset,  audience building, and storytelling techniques
  • 15 email prompts
  • 4 weekly group sessions with hands-on exercises
  • 4-person team assigned for accountability and support
  • 1 month free access to Public Lab's community, option to extend a membership

30 Days Coaching


Get 1:1 guidance to build up your voice and grow an audience.

  • Detailed review of your  tweets & engagement
  • A tactical 30 days #BuildingInPublic plan to build your personal brand and voice on Twitter
  • Weekly review of your progression
  • Weekly sync up
  • 6 months access to Public Lab's community

Common Questions

What if I’m not a builder or I’m not ready to share in public?

Why join a private #BuildingInPublic community when I should be doing things in public?

What if I don’t enjoy my 8-pax cohort?

Do you have a trial? What happens if I find out it is not for me?