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A private community for indie hackers, creators, and solopreneurs who want to amplify their voice in public and grow an audience.

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Use your voice to grow an audience

🎯 Put Yourself Out There

Don’t fear talking about your work in public. This is your first step in creating an authentic narrative.

🎤 Refine Your Storytelling

Grow your business, brand, and products by sharing your genuine and transparent behind-the-scenes stories

🙌 Have a Support System

Meet like-minded builders, give and take constructive feedback, and help one another be successful.

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Public Lab Small Cohorts

Be accountable among an 8-pax cohort

A dedicated community is awesome, but what is truly unique about the Public Lab community is that we embed small 8-pax cohorts in the larger community.

Everyone is added to a small group to deepen the relationships, hold one another accountable, and enhance the peer-learning experience.

Public Lab Small Cohorts
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Surround yourself with dedicated builders

The Public Lab community is for builders who are creating businesses and products and want to have a public voice. To find out whether it is for you:

👍 Great fit if you ...

  • are actively building and growing a business or product that have an online audience
  • value authenticity and transparency in life and work
  • enjoy giving more than taking
  • are a self-starter who loves learning and improving oneself
  • are respectful of other people’s opinions

👎 Not a fit if you ...

  • haven’t built anything or do not have plans to build
  • see building in public as a “grow your business fast” marketing scheme
  • do not take honesty to your heart and prefer to live with a pseudo personality
  • are looking to learn from others but do not plan to contribute
  • only value your own opinion

Behind this community

Why I started and what the goal is

I made a lot of mistakes when I ran my last startup. 😥

When I made up my mind to go from being a venture-backed startup founder to an indie builder, I started sharing these publicly: failures, lessons learned, and how I was transitioning. I mainly wanted to be mindful about my next thing and see if my lessons were helpful to other founders.

Then my Twitter followers, newsletter subscribers, and website visitors all began to increase! 😱 That's when I first ...

Realized the power and potential of Building in Public!

It is refreshing to know that I don't have to only create perfect marketing stories to get people to listen to me.

I love being myself and sharing what I'm learning every day.

As an indie builder, aka solopreneur, this new approach of telling my stories and growing an audience is 100x better than doing sales outreach and buying ads!

But all of these were hard for me to figure out at first. It helped a lot when I met like-minded people and had a few small chat groups. We were like 🐝 helping each other out.

That's when I thought - what if there is a community that curates the resources for Building in Public plus creates these small cohorts to help people get started? That's how the idea 💡 of Public Lab came from.

The goal of this community is simple. This is where ...

Builders come together to learn how to be authentic and transparent to tell their enticing stories.

Kevon Cheung

From Kevon Cheung to You

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  • 🙋 Get feedback on your #BuildingInPublic journey
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Common Questions

What if I’m not a builder or I’m not ready to share in public?

Why join a private #BuildingInPublic community when I should be doing things in public?

What if I don’t enjoy my 8-pax cohort?

Do you have a trial? What happens if I find out it is not for me?