I Thought Repeating is a Bad Thing. It is the Opposite

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Kevon Cheung

I had a terrible moment recently.

A few weeks ago, I wrote this article called "8 game-changing techniques that got me to a $5,000 month". Writing this 2200-word article wasn't bad, but what was terrible was that I wanted to share the exact same thing via my newsletter and I ended up ...

Writing a separate 1300-word email to address almost the same topic 😥

This means I doubled my effort.

A big part of it was because I didn't plan well. But it also brought me back to one of my biggest fears in my early days as a creator: I thought I'm not supposed to repeat myself across channels.

I'm super afraid that when I say the same thing on Twitter, via my emails, on my blog, on YouTube, then people would go "this guy has nothing to add to my life, unfollow!" or "I read this already, unsubscribe!"

So I started thinking back what caused that fear:

  1. My following was small back then. I had maybe 1k Twitter followers and 300 email subscribers. So each person is the world to me. I didn't want to lose anyone.
  2. I thought repeating is bad. I wanted to bring MASSIVE values every time I spoke.

But now that I'm at 14k Twitter followers and 2.4k email subscribes, I have a new mindset: I'm completely okay to have the same message across all channels at the same time.

What changed?

Firstly, something I cannot solve - human nature. When the denominator is bigger, you start to worry less. I get about 20 unsubscribers each time I send an email like this one (hopefully if you read until here, you're not one of them), it is 0.8% of my email list. It hurts but not as bad compared to 3-5% back then.

Secondly, which is the more important one, I have a better overview over how values are delivered. Out of my entire audience, it is SUPER rare that someone is consuming my tweets, emails, YouTube videos, and blog posts at the same time! I thought people might, but that's just a big assumption on my end.

Sharing the same message across 4 channels means putting a high-quality value into the hands of my people in 4 different ways. Also what's the worst case if someone sees it here and there? If they trust you enough, nothing. They just move on.

I also notice some people do this very well:

To not stress out as a creator, it is important to focus on releasing ONE key value a week. You don't have to over-create.
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