What’s the secret to connecting with more people on Twitter?

When you don't optimize your Twitter profile to leave a great first impression, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities.

Let's just say creating an impressive Twitter profile is hard.

You’re thinking about what to put to make it attractive. If you have multiple projects or interests, you’re even more confused over which one to highlight.

You keep tweaking it but everything you see is from your own lens. You don’t know whether it can draw people to engage or follow you.

The thing is while you’re trying so hard to come up with good ideas to tweet, people bounce the moment they land on your profile.

This is not just frustrating, but also a waste of your effort.

It is time to upgrade your profile so that you can convert these interests better: reply to your tweets, click the Follow button, or send you a direct message.

This is what I’ll work with you on

1. Conduct an in-depth audit of YOU

I’ll first look at everything you have on the Internet. What you’re working on, how you present yourself, what your story is, what you want to showcase, etc.

2. Get to know YOU

Then we will get on a 45-min call so that I can hear directly from you about who you are and what you want to achieve

3. Give YOU an action plan

After the call, I’ll send you back a detailed report with actionable strategies you can act on right away, covering:
→ Your profile and bio
→ Your first impression (username, picture, banner, etc.)
→ Your credibility
→ Your tweets & engagement with others
→ Your tone
→ Your sharing of work (Build in Public)
→ Your call-to-action & links

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  • In-depth audit of your online presence
  • A 45-min call to get to know you + your goals
  • An action plan with strategies you can implement now

Number of hours go into this service, but I want you to be happy about what you’re getting. If you’re not satisfied, I’m happy to offer you a 50% refund.