Cheers to our first 🤝 !

Why handshake?

Because right now in my head, I'm imagining us two sitting down on a long bench in this beautiful park. Trees everywhere. Birds are chirping. We are each holding our favorite drink.

Then we are going to have a long conversation where you and I share our stories, what we set out to do, how we can help each other, etc.

It is the beginning of our friendship! Here's what I want to say:

The best moments so far

There are many things I'm happy and grateful about my journey so far.

I never imagined that just by building in public and showing my work, I would have stumbled upon some of these opportunities like:

The Courier Magazine by Mailchimp featured me in their Jun/Jul 2022 issue! This was out of the world. Later, I got a chance to contribute to their column, writing Don't imitate the influencers and Social media cheerleading.

Courier magazine by Mailchimp featured Kevon Cheung and Building in Public

And then I also get a chance to share with the Co.Lab, Maven, Write of Passage communities. One thing just leads to another.

Kevon Cheung teaching Build Credibility in Public at Co.Lab

So I want to share as much as possible to help you achieve your goals.

On top of my emails, I also recommend you to:

  1. Follow me on Twitter because it is the easiest place to chat more
  2. Subscribe to my YouTube channel as I answer questions from you & your peers

Okay! I've really enjoyed this conversation so far! In fact in about 5 minutes, I'm going to send you the 1st email so that we can continue our bench chat soon! 😊

— Kevon