Cheers to our first 🀝 (a firm one) !

Hey friend, I'm very excited to share everything I know to help you move forward with your journey.

So far, there are many things I'm happy and grateful about my own 😊

I never imagined that just by building in public and showing my work, I would have stumbled upon some of these opportunities like:

The Courier Magazine by Mailchimp featured me in their Jun/Jul 2022 issue! This was out of the world. Later, I got a chance to contribute to their column, writing Don't imitate the influencers and Social media cheerleading.

Courier magazine by Mailchimp featured Kevon Cheung and Building in Public

And then I also get a chance to share with the Co.Lab, Maven, Write of Passage communities. One thing just leads to another.

Kevon Cheung teaching Build Credibility in Public at Co.Lab

Amazing things have happened to me, so I want to share as much as possible to help you achieve that as well.

On top of my emails, I also recommend you to:

  1. Follow me on Twitter because it is the easiest place to chat more
  2. Subscribe to my YouTube channel as I answer questions from you & your peers

Okay! I've really enjoyed this conversation so far! In fact, in about 5 minutes, I'm going to send you the 1st email to continue this chat!

High five πŸ‘‹

β€” Kevon

Kevon and family

Cheers to our first 🀝 !

Why handshake?

Because right now in my head, I'm imagining us two sitting down on a long bench in this beautiful park. Trees everywhere. Birds are chirping. We are each holding our favorite drink.

Then we are going to have a long conversation where you and I share our stories, what we set out to do, how we can help each other, etc.

It is the beginning of our friendship! Here's what IΒ want to say:

Kevon and family

My Present:Β Everything grows when I build in public

So I started documenting my journey, sharing my learnings, and telling people what I was working on Twitter. It was slow at first because I had no followers.

Then my Twitter followers, newsletter subscribers, and website visitors all started to go up! People resonated with what I shared and I met a lot of amazing people. That's when I first ...

Kevon with Find Joy in Chaos

Our Future: What I help you do

It doesn't matter whether I have 500 or 10,000 followers. It is the connections and conversations that lead me to build the right things to help the right people that is the most powerful.

But getting over my fear and developing my voice haven't been easy. I've had so many people tell me about their fear to put themselves in public.