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Why I started Public Lab

I made a lot of mistakes when I ran my last startup. 😥
When I made up my mind to go from being a venture-backed startup founder to a bootstrapped founder, I started sharing these on my blog publicly: failures, lessons learned, and how I was building new products.
Then my Twitter followers, newsletter subscribers, and website visitors all began to increase! 😱 People seemed to resonate with what I write. That's when I first ...
Realized the power and potential of Building in Public!
It was refreshing to know that I don't have to only create the perfect marketing stories to get people to listen to me.
I love being myself and sharing what I'm experiencing.
As a builder, this new approach of telling my stories to grow an engaging audience is 100x better than doing sales outreach and buying ads!
But I was only able to get over my fear and develop this voice after doing it over and over again. I've had so many people tell me about their fear to talk about themselves in public. It is difficult for them to show vulnerability. And they're also intimidated that people might judge them.
That's when I thought - what if there is a community that puts people together and help them be confident about having their own voice on the Internet? That's where the idea 💡 of Public Lab came from.
The goal here is simple. This is where ...
Entrepreneurs come together to find their authentic and transparent voice and build an engaging audience.
Right now, I run Public Lab as a one-man band, doing everything from designing products, to writing content, to running the community & courses.
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Kevon Cheung

Your voice is your moat

  • 🎯 People best resonate with your voice

    You need transparency and consistency in your voice to be trustworthy. When you understand how to develop the best way to represent yourself on the Internet, you get all the dots connected.
  • 🙌 Build yourself a support system

    It takes courage and perseverance to go through this transformation, going from a shy person who suffers impostor syndrome to a confident entrepreneur who uses his/her voice to influence people. You need buddies to do this together.

Obviously, Public Lab is not for everyone

Is this community for you?

👍 Great fit if you ...

  • are actively building and growing a business or product that have an online audience
  • value authenticity and transparency in life and work
  • enjoy giving more than taking
  • are a self-starter who loves learning and improving oneself
  • are respectful of other people’s opinions

👎 Not a fit if you ...

  • haven’t built anything or do not have plans to build
  • see building in public as a “grow your business fast” marketing scheme
  • do not take honesty to your heart and prefer to live with a pseudo personality
  • are looking to learn from others but do not plan to contribute
  • only value your own opinion

It is about learnings and connections

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