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Coaching by Kevon Cheung

First of all, are you saying any of these?

💬 "Who am I to share and help others online?"
💬 "I don't know which audience I can provide value to."
💬 "I don't really have anything meaningful to say."
💬 "I don't know what's the right profile to have for this audience."
💬 "It is hard to engage with people online. I don't know what to say."
💬 "I don't have a plan of what to post and when to post."
💬 "I'm totally unfamiliar with Twitter."

If yes, then you've come to the right place for help.

Kevon's Students

I'm here to help you

Hey, nice meeting you! You know, at some point, I was exactly in your shoe not knowing what to do next to build my online presence. I read things online, but I don't know if I'm working on the right steps to move things forward.

I figured out the early steps myself through lots of trial and error. Then I grew to 8,000+ Twitter followers in 12 months, have sold digital products with a strong community around my name, and have worked with 100+ entrepreneurs through calls and my live course.

I focus on fundamentals and sustainability, so if you're looking for growth hacks, I am not the right person to help you. What I can do is to share genuine and actionable strategies so you can avoid the dead ends and run with my advice today.

Dr. Feenix Pan

Founder & Author

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Aaron Dufall

Founder & CTO

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Mark Cutts

Writer & Creator

Kevon's Coaching Call with Mark Cutts

60 Minutes Deep Dive


A value-packed consultation call to discuss and strategize actions to help you move the needle

1:1 Coaching to Launch Your Dream Digital Product

4 Months Game Plan

  • 4-month 1:1 coaching with Kevon
  • Work on your step-by-step blueprint from blending into the community to defining your product, to building a minimum viable product, to getting beta users, to Building in Public, to LAUNCHING WITH TRACTION
  • Kickoff accelerator session (1x)
  • Monthly strategic call (4x)
  • Weekly async check-in and deliverables (16x)
  • The coaching fee practically pays for itself with a successful launch
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