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Build in Public Bootcamp

You are super excited to get on Twitter. You feel like it is your time to finally get out there to build your own products and share them with the world.

But after a couple of weeks or months, it doesn’t feel as straightforward as people make it sound.

You realize you have a product in mind and you have scattered things to say on Twitter, but they’re definitely not coherent. You don’t see how you can get to that profitable launch where other people are cheering for you.

This is very common because traditionally “social media strategy” and “product strategy” are two separate topics. But here’s come an alternative.

Building in Public combines the two strategies into one so you’re building a product while growing an audience at the same time.

One goal. One direction. No unnecessary effort. And the best part?
You can do it even from scratch.

Join me for this 60-min bootcamp!

  • 1. What most people get wrong about building digital products

    Do you get super excited about an idea, build it out, then get all crickets when you try to get people to use/buy it?

    That's because you get the steps wrong.
  • 2. What Build in Public is & how it can bring you feedback, fans, and traction

    All successful entrepreneurs are optimizing their businesses with these 3 things. Usually, you have to have 3 different strategies.

    What if now you have direct access to your community and can get all 3 things with 1 strategy?
  • 3. There are 5 things blocking you - let's get you unstuck

    In the last few years, I've talked to thousands of people who want to build products across all occasions. I see a pattern across most people.

    I'll share with you the reality and the steps you can take to overcome them.
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Hey! I’m Kevon

I help you build in public because you will be incredibly successful once you embrace transparency and community - the two things the world values the most now.

I started my journey because I didn’t want to be that “nobody” anymore. And through actively showing my work-in-progress in public, I’ve built my own community, launched courses, wrote a book, and created a number of digital products. 

Completely from scratch with no niche, following, or network, I grew my online business to mid 5-figure within the first 18 months. I also now have 20,000+ Twitter followers and 3,200+ email subscribers with many I call raving friends and fans within.

Most importantly, I’ve built a lifestyle I enjoy and look forward to everyday. I get to spend my morning, afternoon, evening, and weekends with my family to experience what life brings us.

There are many ways you can create success, but I chose one that focuses on transparency and community because it is who I am. I’d love to share this with you, so join me in this bootcamp to work toward your dream life.
Free Bootcamp - Kevon
my baby girl!

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