2023 is coming.

You need a community to fuel your creator's growth.

But it is normal to feel lost at first.

Don't worry. I was in your shoes exactly 2 years ago.

I had 0 followers and started at $0 in October 2020. I didn't do hacks. I took no shortcuts. I just relentlessly focused on mastering these 3 vital skills:


1. Double down on one channel where people discover you - Twitter


2. Easily turn your day-to-day stories into content people care about


3. Build compounding online relationships to create a viral growth loop

And now I'm at 20,000+ followers and about to close my 2022 with $40,000 in annual online business revenue.

If I am someone 2 steps ahead of you, I want to share what I know with you this Black Friday, Cyber Monday:

Public Lab's Build in Public Starter Pack for Black Friday 2022

Black Friday deal has ended for 2022, but ...

Find Joy in Chaos

1. Find Joy in Chaos

Finally a different Twitter book that is not about cutting corners, getting followers quickly, or making fast money.

My book is about an honest and actionable journey to designing and growing your Twitter community.
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2. Easy Content Magic

Forget content marketing. You want an easy way to come up with endless content to share every day so you can focus on your core work.

The magic is hidden in your own work! This 52-min video course unlocks it for you.
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3. Make Twitter Friends

Many people want to build an audience so they aim for the 10,000 follower mark. They get there and find that they can't monetize ...

That's because the number is superficial.

You can already build a great business with a small network of great friends.
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Public Lab Community

4. Live Community Q&A

⭐ Get your questions answered by Kevon
⭐ Meet your like-minded peers
⭐ Get a head start in Build in Public

Live sessions will be hosted in mid-Dec 2022 and you'll get an invitation!
Kevon Cheung

If I can do it, you can do it.

I started my journey because I didn’t want to be that “nobody” anymore. And through actively showing my work-in-progress in public, I’ve built my own community, launched courses, wrote a book, and created a number of digital products.

Completely from scratch with no niche, following, or network, I grew my online business to mid 5-figure under 2 years. I also have 16,000+ Twitter followers and 2,400+ email subscribers with many I call raving friends and fans within.

Now, I want you help you do the same 💪