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30DaysInPublic is a challenge to help you develop an authentic voice
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"How can I put myself out there and be my true self?"

Are you asking yourself this question all the time?

I get it. Some people are very comfortable on social media and you wonder how they do it. They not only show their successes, they also talk about their struggles, have fun with others, and are so confident who they are.

As we get more connected over the Internet, you also want to build up your online presence (we call it voice here).

But it is not that easy. You're afraid to talk about yourself and generally don't even know what you're supposed to talk about.

I'd say this is completely normal. Almost everyone starts out this way.

Fear comes from uncertainties. What if you can turn them into certainties?

So far, you've been thinking about the best way to put yourself out there.

Sure, so many people have given your tips to be yourself, to be vulnerable, and to show up ... but what exactly do they mean?

I had an account on Twitter for 11 years! And it never crossed my mind to start using it to express myself. I thought it was a place for famous people to broadcast their messages.

And I didn't know where to start as well. It was pretty brutal.

I decided since I didn't know what to say, it would be best and easiest for me to reflect on my latest journey and share my lessons learned.

Something happened when I started writing online. As weeks went on, I went from being so lost to knowing where I wanted to go, simply because people started to resonate with me and said my sharing was useful.

Then I realized to have certainties meant to accept that the process of putting myself out there is a big mindset shift. It requires a structural process to open up. And it takes time.

How can you become this confident and authentic person online?

If someone tells you they have a fast-track program to transform you quickly, please don't fall for it.

Things like this take time.

Other than learning all the techniques to get this to work for you, you need to get out there first and practice.

On the 1st day, you might be feel terrible, worse than before. But as you go on and use your voice day after day, I guarantee you'll get there.

And that's why I created this challenge to present 15 prompts for you to reflect on your journey and write about it.

You'll be challenged to put yourself out on Twitter, and you'll discover about yourself, overcome your inner fear, and most importantly, have a voice online that's "you".

How this challenge works

  • You get a Notion board with 15 challenges, each comes with a real-life example with a detailed breakdown of its storytelling techniques
  • These challenges are designed to open you up from different angles, e.g. be vulnerable, explain your thought process, be your own promoter
  • The default timeline is 30 days, but all materials are given to you so you can freely adjust your timeline
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Who this challenge is for

You fear

You're an entrepreneur with imposter syndrome. You're afraid no one cares about what you write.

You cannot relate

You don't have a lot of followers and what you share is not resonating with other people.

You lack a voice

You share a lot of faceless content on Twitter and you're afraid to use "I" and "me" in your tweets.
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