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Be part of a community of indie hackers, creators, and solopreneurs who share transparently and confidently while growing an engaging audience.

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🔥 Challenge yourself with #30DaysInPublic

Join a monthly cohort to build in public together


🎯 Put Yourself Out There

Don’t fear talking about your work in public. You're better than you think you are, and you have values to offer.


🙌 Build Your Own Brand

This is your first step in creating an authentic personal voice, differentiating you from the crowd.


🎤 Refine Your Storytelling

Grow your business and product by sharing your genuine and transparent behind-the-scenes stories.

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🙏 Do it with a cohort of like-minded builders

 Small groups are where the magic happens.

Each month we roll out a new cohort with all the challengers. You will have your own 4-person team to deepen relationships, hold one another accountable, and enhance the peer-learning experience.
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Access to a builder community

  • Be part of a cohort and a 4-person team of like-minded starters
  • Attend 4 weekly themed group sessions with icebreaking, hands-on exercises, and sharing. Wed 14:00 GMT
  • Access to the Public Lab community
30DaysInPublic April 2021 Cohort
Audience Building

Grow a Twitter audience via your voice

Go Public

Complete 15 Twitter challenges to share your stories building a company or product.

Action in 30 Days

Get 15 emails and videos every 2 days to guide you through

Topics Includes

Showing vulnerability, taking feedback publicly, explaining your thought process, etc.

It is time to ...

Conquer your inner fear

30 Days In Public Challenge

Not ready yet? You can get a preview of the challenge to get started by yourself.

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Find out who they are & say hi

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